Keep Your Pets Safe During A Storm With These 10 Foul-Weather Tips

8. Secure Your Pet

Once indoors, secure your pet by putting him on a leash or in a carrier. A pet in panic can create havoc. Plus, there’s always a chance that you might have to evacuate or leave home for safer ground. The last thing you want is to chase down a pet while trying to remain safe and calm.

7. Make Sure Your Safe Space is Animal-Friendly

Wherever your designated safe space is, make sure that it is also safe for your pet. You won’t have time to pet-proof the room in the middle of chaos, so move things as needed beforehand. This means making sure there are no corners that a pet can hide in, or any loose items that can fall on your furry friend, or toxic products nearby that your pet might try to eat.

6. Remain Calm

Photo: Pixabay

Your pet takes its cues from you. If you remain calm and collected, your pet is more likely to remain calm as well. Interact and speak to your pet constantly in a calm tone, setting it at ease.

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