Meet Our Velcro Cat: Top 10 Identifiable Traits!

Keyboards are the Enemy

Typing looks a lot like petting to the kitty eye. It’s no surprise then to find a cat jealously sprawled across the keyboard, hoping you put your hands to better use petting their belly.

Who is That?

Jealousy runs deep in some cats. Visitors to your home are given permanent glares of distrust while your cat plots the ways it can get back at you for giving your attention to someone else.

Pet Me Now

Overlapping with many other categories are clingy cats that demand to be petted anytime they desire, no matter what you are trying to do. Hands full of groceries or covered in dough; it doesn’t matter, kitty wants pets when kitty wants pets.

You Will Do as I Say

In some houses the cat is the master, and the human the pet. Or at least it seems that way when the furry one manipulates your actions with a variety purrs and meows.

A Kitty With Puppy Eyes

Puppies are known for their sad eyes, but kittens and cats have a similar weapon: the sad face. Clingy cats know to use it too, especially when you are on your way out the door.

Amazingly not everyone likes cats. Or so they think. Check out [this video] to see some cat haters become cat lovers after they kitty-sit for a week.

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