Meet Our Velcro Cat: Top 10 Identifiable Traits!

Cats have reputation as aloof creatures indifferent to the existence of people. Many cat owners know the opposite is often true, with kittens and adult cats alike continually in their owners’ way, seeking love, food and play. Here are some signs that your clingy kitty has you wrapped around its claw. Of course, if constant cat attention isn’t your thing, there are ways to cure your kitty of its clingy nature.

A Constant Companion

No matter where you go, kitty is there, wandering underfoot or staring at you, as if he is your shadow. These cats don’t understand that sometimes humans need a little personal space.

Look away for just a second, and these little guys will bat you on the head or give a little scratch to your leg to let you know where you should direct your gaze. If those tactics don’t work, the feline has a secret weapon: kneading your body until you relent and pet away.

Doesn’t Like to Dine Alone

Some clingy kitties refuse to eat unless you join them for their meal. Whether they want a dining companion or an audience, it’s hard to tell.

Bed Hog

The furballs do not care that humans are much bigger than cats. To them, they decide how much of the bed they want, and it is your job to cuddle next to them on whatever on the scrap of mattress they leave you.

Chatty Kitty

Step into the next room to hear this howler in action. A cute meow now and then warms the cat owner’s heart, but these clingy cats use their constant meows to lure you to their side.

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