Fluffy Cat With A Round Face Looks Like A Cotton Ball

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But there are some cats that have a much more unique appearance than other fellow felines. Nowadays, in the age of the internet, these oddities end up making a lot of animals famous for their appearance. Like Zuu, for example.

This cat is an Exotic Longhair breed of cat. These cats are normally fluffy animals. But this particular cat has something that makes him a little different. His fluffy fur is so wild that his face looks like he’s a giant cotton ball. If it weren’t for the patches of brown that contract with his white face, he’d probably look exactly like a cotton puff.

Zuu’s strange appearance has even earned him a big following on Instagram. The almost two-year-old Zuu may have a strange appearance that has made in Insta-famous, but he’s still like every other cat. The feline loves to nap during the day when his owner, Chika, is working. When he’s not napping, he’s actually quite social and even has canine friends that he visits at the nearby park. But this cat isn’t one for exercise since his extremely fluffy appearance has meant that any sort of arduous physical pursuits, like tree-climbing or running, are a little out of this boy’s repertoire.

But when it involves food, this feline definitely acts like a fussy diva. He doesn’t like to eat alone, so he makes Chika hand-feed him both human-grade and grain-free cat food. This fabulous ball of fluff has a well-documented life in his Instagram account, where his brother, Bocco, often appears as well.

Check out some of Zuu’s pictures below:

Anastasia is an American writer and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. Her Twitter is @AnastasiaArell5.

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