Two Sad Bears Get The Happiest Ending!

Two very sad, mistreated bears in the Ukraine go from miserable in a cage to FREE AND HAPPY! Zoya and Julya spent their lives caged up, only coming out from “behind bars” to perform in the circus. That was their lives for over ten years until their owner could no longer afford to feed them.

In many ways, this was a blessing. His loss meant that a rescue group could step in and save these beautiful girls from their life of torture. Get ready for your frown to turn upside down when the rescuers step in and release Zoya and Julya from those dirty, old cages and bring them to their new bear sanctuary… It’s like a dream come true!

You will get goosebumps when you see their bodies healed and happy. You will cheer them on when you see them roam the land and swim in clean water. All the happy things bears should get to do anyway! I’m so misty eyed right now! What are you waiting for! Go and watch Zoya and Julya get their second chance!

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