Cat Who Survived Being Buried Alive In 2015 Is Enjoying His New Home

Back in 2015, a cat named Bart survived the unthinkable. The 1.5-year-old feline was struck by a car in Florida. After being found by his owner, the cat, who was presumed dead, was buried – only to emerge from the grave five days later!

Known as “Zombie Cat,” Bart quickly gained attention from around the world due to his bizarre situation. According to ABC News, Bart’s owner, Ellis Hutson, explained that he found his cat “in the middle of the road, lifeless in a puddle of blood.”

Too distraught to say goodbye to his feline companion, Hutson asked a friend to help him bury the cat. Multiple witnesses were present for the burial, including Hutson. So you can only imagine his shock when Bart showed up five days later in desperate need of medical care, but very much alive.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to a blog post by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Hutson kept Bart for 2-4 days after finding him alive before taking him in to receive much-needed medical treatment. Hutson’s neighbor started a GoFundMe to cover the costs of the surgeries and care that Bart would need, but the Humane Society reported in their post that they never received any of the funds raised by that fundraiser.

Photo: SnappyGoat

After paying for and performing several surgeries and a blood transfusion among other things, the Humane Society was issued a lawsuit by Hutson for keeping Bart in their possession. Thus began a nearly 2-year-custody battle between the Hutson family and the Humane Society, who felt that the Hutsons were unfit cat owners.

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When the battle was finally resolved, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay won full custody rights of Bart, who was immediately adopted by his foster family.

Photo: Twitter/Humane Society Tampa

Now, his adoptive mom, Valerie, has opened up life with Bart and how he’s doing. In an interview with TODAY, Valerie said, “Even in the worst of times when he had just arrived, he would head-butt people just to try and get some pets. He’s always been a big, old love.” AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Studio shared a photo of the beautiful feline that they took for the update on how he’s doing and he looks like a big cuddle bug.

Photo: Facebook/AGoldPhoto Pet Photo Studio

Valerie, who already had three cats before adopting Bart, was a bit worried that the adjustment for her other felines would be challenging. However, she shared with TODAY that all of her cats took to Bart right away.

Bart enjoys spending time with his new cat siblings, as well as playing with toys and eating his favorite treats. Valerie shared that he’s really doing amazing and seems to be quite healthy, despite all that he went through.

Photo: Facebook/Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Of all her cats, Valerie feels that Bart is the sweetest. She said, “He has by far the best personality. He is the first one to go to the door and greet whoever comes through that door. He’s just always happy-go-lucky Bart. He’s just the coolest cat — he really and truly is. He’s a happy boy.”

We’re so glad to hear that Bart is thriving, despite the trauma he experienced.

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