Man Reunites With His Best Friend Two Weeks After He Was Ejected From Car Window During Crash

Daryl Algren was driving home from his cabin in Deerwood, Minnesota, with his Golden Retriever, Zoey, when his car was hit by a semi. The impact threw the poor dog through the back window. Algren saw his pup walking away from the scene, but officers weren’t able to catch him before paramedics came to take Algren to the hospital.

Algren says the hardest part was driving away in the ambulance, knowing his best friend was still out there somewhere. Every day for the next two weeks, Algren went back to the area to look for Zoey, but to no avail.

Finally, Algren’s nurse saw Zoey near her home, and her husband helped track him to a home nearby. The owner of the house laid out a blanket, some of Algren’s clothes and food near their fire pit, in the hopes that it would attract Zoey.

The next morning when they looked outside, they saw Zoey laying on the blanket, shivering. Algren immediately drove to the house to reunite with his best friend. As he was driving there, Dean Martin’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” came on the radio. And now Zoey will thankfully be home for Christmas!

Their reunion was so sweet, and Algren can’t wait to get Zoey back to his normal self. After being on the streets for two weeks, he had lost 15 pounds and has a rash on one of his shoulders, but other than that, he’s fine. A true Christmas miracle!

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