Terrified Dogs Rescued From Ukraine War Zone Get Second Chance, Thanks To Your Support

Your donations are helping save lives of Ukraine pets evacuated from war-torn areas. Meet Zhuzha and Knopa. They have transformed from traumatized dogs to friendly pups, due in part to your support.

Zhuzhа and Knopа were two of numerous pets that were found cowering in fear in destroyed buildings in Ocheretino in the Kherson region of Ukraine that is being bombed daily.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Rescuers risked their lives to save these innocent animals from the dangerous area. The dogs were coaxed out of hiding and rushed back to our partner, The Patron Pet Center, to be examined and cared for.

Even though the center had a catastrophic lack of space, they still took in Zhuzha and Knopa. The dogs received warm baths and then were sterilized, vaccinated, and treated for parasites.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

A tumor was found on Knopa that was removed and now both dogs are happy and healthy. After spending countless days living in fear, the dogs are finally safe.

Thanks to your donations, these precious pups were treated and fed nutritious food while they waited for a loving home.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The Patron Pet Center works with rescue groups in Germany and around the world to help find homes for their rescued dogs. Zhuzha and Knopa made the journey to Germany and have both found loving homes.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

Their kennel at the Parton Pet Center has already been filled with more evacuated pets. The state-of-the-art center was designed by a veterinarian and architect and no detail was overlooked. The sound-proof kennels allow the pets to relax without hearing other dogs bark. The pets are exercised twice a day and there is even a “gym” where the animals can stretch their legs and get out some excess energy.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The health and happiness of the animals is their top priority. Dogs and cats are given time to decompress after they arrive from war zones and professional trainers work with the animals to help them come out of their shell.

The ultimate goal is to find each pet a loving home. Over 100 pets are adopted each month, which means that the center can take in more abandoned and homeless animals. Even though this is an impressive number of pets finding homes, the center is still over capacity and needs more kennels.

Photo: Patron Pet Center

The Animal Rescue Site is partnering with Greater Good Charities to help build a dedicated space for over 200 homeless pets, a quarantine room, and much more at Patron Pet Center. We need your support to provide a safe space for pets until they find a loving home.

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