Who’s Got An Amazing Sense Of Style And Needs A FurEver Home? THIS GUY!

This incredibly handsome fella is looking for a new furever home. His human passed away, tragically, but Zeus still has his upbeat personality and giant doggy smile. He’s well mannered and LOVES to cuddle. Who could resist all these fine qualities? I know I couldn’t! And look at how dapper he is in that outfit? LOVE HIM!

Please share this video so Zeus can find a new home. Every pet deserves a happy life. And we always encourage pet adoption vs. pet stores and breeders (for MANY reasons). A dog like Zeus could make any family happier. Don’t you think?

So many animals need our help. Even if you can’t open your home to another pet, you can do so much. There are pets all over the world that can benefit from your donations, of any size. Remember, animals can’t care for themselves. They need super-humans like you to be their superheroes! Check out some charitable ideas that don’t break the bank:


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