Zeus The Hybrid Wolf-Dog Finally Found A Forever Home

Life can be difficult when you are a wolf trying to live a dog’s life. Nobody knows this better than Zeus, a hybrid Wolf-dog that not only lived in a state where it was illegal to be kept by humans; he had a medical condition that needed to be treated.

Fortunately, Zeus did get the help he needed after being surrendered by his former owner. According to Newsweek, that individual realized that Zeus needed special care and he didn’t have either the training or the equipment required to care for him.

On top of that, Zeus can only live in certain areas if he is going to be cared for by humans. In the end, he was brought into the Potter League for Animals, a nonprofit located in Middleton, Rhode Island, where he could get the care he needed.

Zeus is a mixture of several different breeds, including an equal spread of German Shepherd, husky, and wolf. The Potter League for Animals ran a DNA test and is still waiting for the confirmation of the breeds, but they feel it is accurate.

Wolf hybrids are not always easy to place in the home. Zeus had to be put in a special location because owning a wolf hybrid in several states is illegal.

Potter League shared pictures of him on Facebook to find him a good home. They wanted to ensure he had the perfect home for him and his special needs.

The Facebook post read: “Zeus is about as fine a canine specimen as you could imagine. He is wonderfully magical to watch as he walks. His movements are mesmerizing, and he looks like he just walked out of a scene from Twilight (yes, we just went there). He is incredibly affectionate and silly, and loves to be pet, snuggled, and loved on.”

Zeus couldn’t stay in a home in Rhode Island because it is illegal to own a wolf hybrid privately. The surrounding states had similar requirements, but they could go to Vermont or New Jersey.

Finding him a home that could handle his special needs was also necessary. He is prone to seizures from a medical condition, but it is manageable with medication. The good news is he is an inside dog who has lived with other dogs, cats, and children for most of his life.

The nonprofits spoke to Newsweek, saying he was surrendered on December 22 by his former owner. They went on to say it is evident that the man loved Zeus, but he could not care for him properly.

Finding him home was a challenge, but a man named Ron Monroe was there to save the day. He said his heart melted as soon as he saw Zeus in person.

Woodrow also lives in Vermont, so he could legally own a wolf hybrid, and he drove to pick up Zeus from the shelter.

Here’s hoping for the best for everyone involved in this touching story.

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