Dog Shows Impressive Listening Skills After Owner Calls Him From 500 Yards Away

It’s a beautiful day at the park in Corona, California. For professional dog trainer Shane Murray, it’s also the perfect place to put into practice his pup’s impressive skills!

Murray, who shares training tips and snippets of himself and his pittie Zeus for followers on Instagram and TikTok, shared a video that showed off Zeus’s ability to come from over 500 yards away when called!

The clip starts with a shot from across the park, showing a huge grassy field, a parking lot, and more in the distance:


Murray tells the viewers that Zeus is “all the way down there, somewhere,” before calling out, “Zeus, heel!”

Seconds pass, and the park still looks empty. Then, slowly, a small dot appears in the distance.


Zeus continues running at full speed towards the sound of Murray’s call. He’s using his ears alone at this point, even losing track of the sound’s source somewhere around halfway through his run.

To redirect him, Murray whistles at him. Zeus’s ears perk up, he redirects himself, and he heads full speed towards his owner!


The most impressive part of the video, in my opinion, is Zeus’s spin move that plants him solidly at Murray’s side without losing speed.

Pleased with himself, Zeus looks up at Murray and gives him a winning smile.

Photo: Max Pixel

Zeus is definitely a well-trained dog, and Murray’s Instagram and TikTok accounts show that off.

Watch the full video of Zeus below!

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