Once Destined For Slaughter, This Pup Was Lucky Enough To Grow Up In A Loving Home

This adorable dog, named Zeus, was born in a cage on a South Korean dog meat farm. He was eventually going to be sold and slaughtered at a dog meat market there.

The dogs at meat farms are treated very poorly. They are all crammed into small, rusty cages, and don’t have any blankets or bedding for warmth or comfort. They’re forced to stand or sit on the hard bars of the cage floor, which can cause injuries or wounds.

Thankfully, in September 2015, Humane Society International came and shut down this dog meat farm. They rescued Zeus, along with more than 100 other dogs, from this horrible nightmare.

Zeus has since been adopted and now lives in California with his human mom, dad, and three brothers. As soon as they saw his picture, they knew they had to have him. They all adore him and say he is a huge part of the family and of their lives. Watch Zeus’ journey in the video below:

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