You’ll Be Surprised To Learn Where Your Cat Roams!

CalicoSniffingFlower_SpringRompContest_AmyMortensen_2011-04-20We all know cats are very curious creatures, but whether they’re feral or house cat, we’re all left wondering, where is it that they roam? Little do we know how far they really explore, but now it doesn’t have to be a mystery!

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has partnered up with Your Wildlife in creating a Cat GPS Tracking Program. Originally created due to the number of wildlife cats kill while roaming, it is designed to follow cats, find out what they kill, why the kill it, and to learn the patterns and behaviors of cats.

Researchers have learned a lot about cat memory, pattern, how far they roam, and sleeping is only a portion of what they do. “It wasn’t previously assumed that a cat would remember where it use to live, but now we know that cats do remember where they once lived,” reports Rocky Mountain Tracking Daily GPS News. “The one feral male that has been tracked so far wound up wandering nearly 1,300 acres, and this means crossing intersections and wandering through all kinds of seriously dangerous situations.”

Now the program is giving cat lovers in the U.S. the opportunity to get a sneak peek into their feline friends’ lives. With the GPS tracker, you’ll be able to see where your pets go on a regular basis. By strapping on the safe cat harness, you can see how far they wander, where they take naps, and who they may even encounter along the way.

For more information, go to Your Wild Life Project’s website.

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