This Is Exactly What You Need Right Now. Trust Me.

When I first watched this video, I was a bit upset. Why would someone push a tiny dog down a carnival slide? But then I realized that was NOT the case at all. This little pup is so into this HUGE slide and it’s amazing! She flies down and then happily runs back up the stairs to go again! Like a kid would. I’m in awe. It’s videos like this one that prove dogs have the same love for fun and adventure as humans do. Makes pawfect sense to me!

Did this video make you smile? ME TOO! If you loved it half as much as I did, then you will LOVE this one! An adorable Corgi puppy is on a mission to learn the stairs. Well, at least his human is on a mission to teach him. The one problem though… He’s kinda protesting the whole thing. Watch what happens when his human gets creative. SO CUTE! Click here to get your giggles on!

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