Man Saw Woman Running Out Of A Burning House, Then He Ran Inside To Rescue Her Dog From The Flames

20-year-old Michael Patenaude was driving home from his friend’s house, when he saw a house in flames on Vanum Street in Dracut, Massachusetts. Patenaude immediately pulled over and saw the homeowner sprinting down the driveway holding a dog.

Patenaude asked if there was anyone else inside the house, and she replied that her other dog was still inside. Without hesitation, Patenaude ran inside the house, pulling his sweatshirt over his face to shield it from the thick black smoke.

Patenaude was choking on the smoke, but he refused to leave the house without the dog. He kept calling for the pup, a Yorkie, who kept running out of fear. Eventually he was able to grab ahold of the dog and then made his way out of the burning house.

“You risked your life for a Yorkie,” Patenaude told Fox 25. “When you put it that way, it sounds a little crazy, if you see a 76-year-old lady, no house with just her two dogs, it’s like her kids almost.”

It’s unknown how the fire was started, but thankfully nobody was harmed. Patenaude says he is considering become a firefighter. After his heroic efforts, it seems like that’d be the perfect job for him!

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