Bright Yellow Bullfrogs Emerge From The Ground After A Rainstorm In India

For anyone afraid of frogs, this one might not be for you. A strange incident was filmed in central India’s Madhya Pradesh just after a heavy rainstorm: an army of bright yellow bullfrogs crawling out of the water. In the video, which brings to mind an amphibian apocalypse, there are around 40 of the vibrant frogs jumping out from the water in the Narsinghpur city, much to the surprise of the locals.

The bullfrogs are rumored to not normally be that bright, however, during their mating season the males turn a vibrant yellow in order to attract a mate. However, mating season for these frogs also happens to align with monsoon season.

There is also another belief that the frogs’ colors are a result of high levels of toxicity and alkaloids – although they’re said to be completely safe. These bullfrogs do happen to have a voracious appetite and will eat anything. Even their tadpoles will consume the tadpoles of other species!

The video of frog-mageddon was captured by environmentalist Parveen Kaswan, then posted to social media. The caption read, “Have you ever seen yellow frogs. Also in this number. They are Indian #bullfrog seen at Narsighpur. They change to yellow during monsoon & for attracting the females. Just look how they are enjoying rains.”

Kaswan was quick to reassure viewers that these frogs’ coloring had nothing to do with the current pandemic. He stated that it was completely normal for them to look that way because of their mating season.

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