Hard Working Police Dog Gets Rewarded With His Favorite Treat: A Starbucks Puppuccino

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This hard working police dog, named Yasso, knows that a hard working dog deserves a finger-licking-good reward! Starbucks has a secret menu item (that isn’t so secret anymore! LOL!) called a Puppuccino. It’s a cup filled with delicious whipped cream and it’s guaranteed to satisfy your doggy tooth. YUMMY!

As you can see, Yasso knows exactly what he’s in for as they pull up to the Starbucks drive-thru window. He’s got the cutest “I can’t wait” face! He’s all smiles and who can blame him. IT’S WHIPPED CREAM IN A CUP! I think this is part of their daily routine and that makes me even happier! Gotta love a partner who appreciates his canine counterpart!

Thanks to dogs like Yasso, we are all a lot safer. Yasso’s next puppuccino is on me!

If you like this story about Yasso, you’ll LOVE the story we did on shelter dogs and puppuccinos. Click here to read it! There was so much buzz about posing adoptable dogs with messy puppuccino faces for good reason. It’s PAWDORABLE! And genius!

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