Prepare To Be WOW-ed! A Boy With Autism Has His Life Forever Changed By A Rescued Pit Bull

Some images of Xena’s initial rescue may upset you, but you will see how quickly this dog defies all the odds stacked against her. Due to neglect and severe cruelty, Xena was rescued but they weren’t sure she would make it. Because of prayers, determination and sheer will, Xena made a full recovery. During this process, a local family tracked her progress. They had their own hurdles. An autistic son, named Johnny, that had not had much success with traditional therapies.

After Xena was adopted by this family, a miracle happened. Johnny began to bond to the dog. The two of them became inseparable. Not long after, Johnny began to speak and read, and do all the things he could not do before Xena. And just as Johnny says it, the two make a pretty perfect team.

Just. WOW!

Warning: Some photos from Xena’s rescue include images of wounds and severe malnutrition.

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