Extra Wrinkly Shar-Pei Gets Mistaken For A Blanket On The Couch

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes. However, some of them have very unusual appearances, and amongst those breeds is the Shar-Pei.

Shar-Peis are dogs that are famously known for their very wrinkly appearance. One pup, in particular, was mistaken for a bunched-up blanket when laying down.

Six-month-old Harvey is owned by 22-year-old Teresa Moll Arguimbau from Menorca, Spain. She shared several photos on his Instagram page that showed Harvey looking like a fluffy bunch of blankets, and it is so cute.

Photo: Instagram/harvey.thesharpei

Given his deeply wrinkled skin, this is apparently a common look for him. Even though he might look adorable, his skin often can cause him problems.

According to Daily Mail, Teresa shared that she often has to rub in moisturizer around his skin folds – particularly those surrounding his eyes – in order to prevent him from developing infections or vision problems. In fact, one of his eyes still gives him a little bit of trouble every now and again.

Photo: Instagram/harvey.thesharpei

Regardless of the extra attention that he might require, she did say, “I am completely crazy about his wrinkles and his skin. It’s very soft, and the wrinkles are very beautiful.”

Harvey was born to a mother named Chloe and was part of a litter of two other siblings. His brother and sister, Louis and Dona, had fewer wrinkles than Harvey though.

Photo: Instagram/harvey.thesharpei

Harvey was the only one that had issues with his eyes due to his skin folds, and for the first five months of his life, he struggled to see. Eventually, all three siblings, including Harvey, were rehomed according to Teresa.

Photo: Instagram/harvey.thesharpei

Nowadays, Harvey enjoys his life and spends a fair amount of time getting his tan on outside in the sun.

Photo: Instagram/harvey.thesharpei

This beach-loving pooch is certainly living his best life, and he’s got his own social media following where fans can keep up with his adventures.

What do you think of this adorably wrinkly dog? Have you ever owned a Shar-Pei? Let us know!

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