Avoiding Tough Topics Doesn’t Make Them Go Away: Meet The World’s Saddest Polar Bear

We live in a world that can be so beautiful or so tragic. It depends where you are, who you are and how you look at things. Meet the world saddest polar bear. He has gained this tragic title for obvious reasons. Just look at this poor baby! He is trapped in an enclosure inside a shopping mall so people can take selfies and stare at him.

How can we live in a world that allows this? Easy answer: too many people care more about profit and not enough about doing the right thing. Luckily, there are people like you! People who will fight for animals (who cannot fight for themselves!)

Animals Asia is working tirelessly to close the entire (tiny and cruel!) zoo down but so far, it hasn’t happened. As an animal lover, I urge you to go and sign the petition. Share this video. Spread the word!!! So this poor polar bear doesn’t have to live in a tiny enclosure with flashes from camera phones and people banging on the glass. No one should ever suffer like this! So we can take a selfie?!

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