Here’s An Interactive Guide to Help Out Animals in Every Corner of the Globe

The Interactive Guide to Helping Animals Around the World

No matter where you live, there are almost certainly animals that are being undervalued and mistreated all around you. In the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, dogs and cats are systemically slaughtered each summer solstice to be turned into stew. All over Africa, “trophy” animals like Cecil the lion are being lured from their homes, slaughtered, and stuffed for display. In the United States, government agencies routinely abuse and starve pigs and lambs, unchecked by authorities, for the purpose of agricultural “research.”

Each year on October 4, animal-lovers around the world are asked to reflect on how they themselves treat our closest taxonomic cousins, chimpanzees and bonobos, and even our most distant, like sharks and mosquitoes.

Every animal on this planet has value. We each have our own purpose for being, our own place in the global ecosystem. We all matter, because we’re in this together.

So please, this World Animal Day, do something that matters. Sign a petition, or donate directly to a cause, or show someone why the animals in your life have value, have purpose.

Whatever you do, know that it is important, because you’re an animal too. Just as a spider has value (it eats bugs so you don’t have to), and a puppy has a purpose (being ridiculously adorable), you have a purpose too; so choose it wisely.

Remember: save the animals, save the world. Read on for six ways you can help restore basic rights for animals around the globe:

Help Rescue Animals

Provide food and vital supplies to shelter pets at The Animal Rescue Site for free!