Man Surprised To Find That A Woodpecker Had Been Stashing Acorns In His Grill

With summer over, most of us are not using our barbecue grills. In fact, this is the time of year that we either put them away in our garages, or we wheel them to the side of the house or patio, cover them up, and don’t think about them until the return of spring.

When the time does come around to bust them out again, we normally only have to contend with spider webs and their inhabitants. But when one man went to use his grill, he quickly discovered that he was going to be going having to deal with a woodpecker.

Apparently, the woodpecker had been moved into his unoccupied barbecue grill.

As Sage Frye shared in the “Animals Being Jerks” Reddit, the woodpecker had completely taken over his barbecue grill. In fact, in the video, Sage stated that he’d basically lost his grill to the tiny bird.

Photo: YouTube / Sage Fyre

Sage, who lives in Northern California, informed Reddit that the small woodpecker had basically turned his barbecue into one large storage space for his food.

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He first observed the woodpecker as he landed on the grill, holding a nut in his beak. Curious, the man continued to watch the woodpecker. The little bird then disappeared out of sight into the grill. When he emerged, he was no longer carrying the nut.

At that point, Sage was thoroughly intrigued. Upon exiting the barbecue, the woodpecker flew off. And that is when Sage took it upon himself to go investigate. Armed with his camera, he went over to the grill and lifted the lid.

Photo: YouTube / Sage Fyre

And that is when he found a large cache of what he believes are black oak acorns. This is what prompted him to share his findings with the rest of the internet. Many people were amazed by the find, with one Redditor saying that it must’ve been quite an intense operation for such a small bird to carry out.

Answering the person’s comment, Sage confirmed that 2 weeks prior to the stunning find, his grill had been completely empty.

Someone else was impressed by the number of acorns found in the grill. And Sage related that those particular acorns are quite rampant throughout the area during that time of year. He added that to rake them up in his yard often takes several days.

While there were plenty of people who were impressed by the little guy’s hard work, there were plenty of people who were concerned as to whether or not Sage planned to let the woodpecker keep his stash. Animal lovers were happy to know that Sage had no intention of removing the acorns, stating that after he found the acorns he just closed the lid and left the grill alone.

He added that even if he did want to take out the acorns, the woodpecker probably would’ve just rebuilt it. And so he would just leave the bird’s winter food stash alone – an excellent choice.

Check out the video below:

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