Woman Waiting To Adopt A Puppy Falls In Love With Senior Golden Retriever And Adopts Him

Senior dogs are the best companions because they have mastered commands, teach us to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, and have so much love to give. Sadly, many are overlooked at rescues for younger dogs.

Mickey, a 13-year-old golden retriever, arrived at Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida after his owner passed away. The gentle giant hadn’t been to the vet in several years and was suffering from an eye and skin infection. He was treated and had a large mass removed that was thankfully benign.

Due to his age, he is partially blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop him from getting around. The rescue put out a plea for help to find Mickey a foster home and Marianne, who had previously adopted from the rescue, stepped up to help. She recently lost both of her beloved goldens to cancer and was on a waitlist to adopt a puppy or young dog.

She didn’t think her heart could handle losing another dog anytime soon and that is why she wanted a younger dog. Then she met Mickey.

They were both heartbroken and helped each other heal. It was meant to be.

The sweet boy quickly won her heart and she decided to adopt him and give him the best life. The rescue shared the good news with their fans on Facebook and wrote, “We love those who know the value of Old Gold! We are elated to announce the adoption of senior boy Mickey by Marianne!”

They went on to say, “He loved his new mom and home, comfy dog beds and lots of good food. His skin and eyes healed and he wooed his new family by being the bestest, sweetest boy. He takes trips to the cabin in Georgia, enjoys his walks and shows his gratitude daily. But his favorite thing is he is a foster win! We are sorry he lost his Dad, but so happy he gained a Mom who loves him like she had him his whole life.”

Mickey became a big brother this week when Marianne welcomed a female puppy into her home. Mikey already loves his new sister and couldn’t be happier.

Marianne posted an update in the comments and said, “Mickey aka Big Dog is such a good boy. I loves him. He’s being so patient with the new puppy too!”

All senior dogs deserve to spend their golden years in a loving home. Please consider adopting or fostering a senior pet and give them the love and comfort they need.

The rescue thanked Marianne for opening her heart and home to another senior dog. The all-volunteer rescue group works hard to find loving homes for golden retrievers and mixes. Since 2009, they have helped over 1,200 goldens find new homes and that includes over 100 dogs rescued from South Korea. Learn more about this amazing rescue here.

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