Woman Saves Kitten’s Life By Calling An Uber

When most of us think about calling an Uber, we are thinking about getting from one place to another. Perhaps it is for work or maybe we are going out on a date. It’s a convenience that many of us appreciate, but it’s also a convenience that saved the life of a little kitten.

Kylie Gross is a nurse who saw a kitten in trouble. The tiny feline was out in traffic, and she realized if she didn’t take action, something bad would happen.

When she was able to go out to retrieve the kitten, she put her in the car and thought she was safe.

Photo: Pixabay/EugenieM

Since Kylie didn’t have a box to keep the little kitten in, she let it wander around the car. When she got to work, she couldn’t find it.

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According to a local news station, she said: “When I got to work, I couldn’t get her out of the car. I had no idea where she is. I could just hear her meowing.”

Photo: YouTube/WPBF 25 News

The kitten was frightened and wanted to hide so she crawled under the steering wheel. By this point, Kylie was late for work so she called the fire department to help. They were able to get the little feline out of trouble, but she still needed some additional help. That is when she got in touch with Furry Friends Rescue, who said they would take the cat as long as she could get her to them.

Although Kylie had patients waiting, she felt a need to help the kitten so she did what she could: She called an Uber to come to pick the cat up. Jose Jimenez was the driver that showed up for the job.

Photo: YouTube/WPBF 25 News

He said: “When it comes to saving a little pet like this, I’ll go anywhere. Feels great, any time you can save anyone’s life, animal, human, anything, it feels great. It’s always great to save someone’s life.”

The little kitten arrived at the rescue and, although she was hungry, she was in fairly good health. It was all thanks to the assistance of Kylie and an Uber driver. They even decided to name the kitten Uber, which fits well.

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