Viral Video Shows Brave Teen Shoving Brown Bear To Save Her Dogs

Many pet owners love their animals like children and – like any good parent — would risk their lives to save their pets from danger. Those selfless instincts were on display in California, where a brave teenager risked her life to save her dogs from a hungry brown bear.

According to a dramatic video that went viral on TikTok, the harrowing incident occurred over Memorial Day weekend when a brown bear tried climbing into the woman’s yard.

Photo: TikTok/Bakedlikepie

According to security camera surveillance footage that was later posted online, the bear tried climbing over the fence into the yard. But the family dogs started furiously protesting the bear’s arrival.

The video shows the bear repeatedly swatting one of the dogs in the face. If the bear had succeeded in climbing into the yard, these barking dogs would be toast.

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But when the dogs’ owner sees this wild intruder, she quickly rushes to her pets’ defense. The 17-year-old pushes the bear back onto the other side of the wall, which is incredibly brave – and also quite risky. Not only can bears easily kill a human, but they also weigh hundreds of pounds.

Photo: TikTok/Bakedlikepie

But this young woman clearly had both adrenaline and the element of surprise on her side. When the bear falls onto the other side of the wall, she scoops up a smaller dog and rushes all of her dogs inside to safety.

According to Fox News, the dogs’ heroic dog owner sprained her finger during this encounter, which is understandable considering a brown bear’s sheer size.


My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?! (WTF?!) #ohno #badass #brave #fight #bear

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According to Fox, the dogs also survived this terrifying incident unscathed. Even the dog swatted by the bear escaped with minor scratches — thanks to the heroic actions of his owner. What a brave woman!

What would you do if you saw your dog being threatened by a brown bear? Would you intervene? Let us know in the comments!

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