Woman Finds Poisoned Bone Left For Her Dog With A Note Because He ‘Barks Too Much’

A potty break for a puppy turned into an emergency situation when a woman discovered a note suggesting her dog had been poisoned.

Cheri Blair, located in North Sydney, had let her puppy, a Portuguese Podengo named Jolene, out to go potty around 6:00am, according to Daily Mail. It seemed like a typical morning until her pup didn’t run back to her when she called.

Blair went out to find Jolene and discovered her in the corner of the yard, chewing a bone. She shared with Daily Mail, “It was one of those ones that you have to go to the pet store to get there, like a freeze-dried bone, quite big.”

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

She initially threw the bone over the fence without thinking much of it, but then she noticed a terrifying letter. She told Daily Mail, “Something made me go down there [again], and then I looked down. There was a letter, but it was sealed in an envelope and it had the message on it.”

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The letter read, “Your dog is to be poisoned, to [sic] much barking, sorry but no choice, your falt [sic]

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

Blair was horrified and instantly started screaming at her husband to get the bone. She then gathered up Jolene and rushed to the emergency vet, afraid that the bone had, indeed, been poisoned.

The duo was at the veterinarian all day where they induced vomiting and monitored the pup to ensure he wasn’t showing any worrying symptoms.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

She shared with Daily Mail, “We don’t know for sure [the bone was poisoned], but I was going to take any chances. I mean it’s obviously quite threatening.”

Oddly enough, 7News reported that a few of her neighbors heard about the incident and came forward to say that they’d never heard Jolene bark before.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

Blair could recall one instance when Jolene was barking and it was just the day prior to the incident. The little pup had been barking along with two other dogs and a woman’s voice could be heard yellowing “shut up.”

New South Wales Police have investigated the apartment complex the voice came from, but no leads have been found for the threatening note and bone. They took the note in for DNA testing, so hopefully a suspect can be found soon!

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