Woman Finds Deadly Snake Hiding Behind Her Toaster While She Was Making Breakfast

Coffee is usually what most people use to wake them up in the mornings. But I imagine that the adrenaline rush from finding a deadly snake would also get you over the early morning fog real quick. And that is exactly what happened for one Australian woman as she was making her morning toast.

The woman who lives in Brisbane, Australia believes that the red-bellied black snake most likely slithered its way into her kitchen after she accidentally left the door open during her morning run.

Fortunately for the woman, she noticed the snake’s head peering out from behind the toaster before anything bad befell her. But the unsettling part was that her hand was only a few centimeters away on the kitchen countertop – talk about terrifying!

She immediately called Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation for help in removing the scaly creature. The Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation owner, Steven Brown, shared with news.com.au that the woman was surprisingly calm when she called. He also said that she knew to keep her distance and not try anything brave – like trying to remove it herself.

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I can only commend the woman for staying calm because, personally, I would have freaked out and set my house on fire – snakes and spiders are my two worst nightmares.

When Brown arrived, he was able to remove the red-bellied snake. But he did share a Facebook post where he gave more insight into the reptile. As the Australian Museum has stated, the red-bellied snakes are pretty shy in general, but if they feel threatened, they will bite. And that bite can be very bad as it can end in blood clotting, swelling of the bite site, and muscle breakdown.

Brown further warned other Australians to be on the lookout as the natural food source of these snakes has increased, meaning the number of red-bellied snakes is likely to go up. As Brown explained to Daily Mail, early rains have meant that there are more green frogs out – the favorite snack of the red-bellied snake. Because these snakes like cool places, they are more likely to slither into peoples’ homes in search of relief from the heat.

These snakes are black and red, and because of their striking coloring, they’re more susceptible to feeling the heat.

And that is why you should get a screen door and keep it closed in order to avoid any unwanted surprised house guests.

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