Woman Adopts An “Ugly” Cat No One Wanted And It Was The Best Decision Ever

It is no secret that shelters and rescues around the world are full of abandoned animals who have been rescued and are in desperate need of a loving, forever home. Sadly, not all of these animals get the happy endings that they deserve. Many animals find themselves being overlooked by potential adopters due to their age or illness.

There are even some who are passed over because they are deemed to be “ugly.” That has always baffled me how some people can look at an animal in need and judge its looks.

When Francisca Franken decided to adopt a pet, she went on her local shelter’s website in order to browse the animals featured for adoption, and that is when she came across a cat named Bean.

Photo: Instagram/bebbybeansprout

After inquiring, she learned that the feline had been at the shelter for nearly a year, arriving when she was just a kitten. It was explained to Franken that many people didn’t adopt her because they said she looked “grumpy” and “ugly.” As a result, Bean had remained in the shelter’s care, completely unwanted.

Naturally, this broke Franken’s heart. It was this realization that no one would adopt her that convinced Franken to bring Bean home with her.

Photo: Instagram/bebbybeansprout

Franken explained to Bored Panda, “I moved into a bigger flat so I could have a cat again. When I lived with my parents, we had one. His name is Joker and I love him to death. So naturally, when I moved out, something was missing. But Joker is an outdoor cat in a rural area and my flat was quite small, so it just felt unfair to take him just so I felt better. He wouldn’t have been happy. I lived one year without a cat and then moved to a bigger flat with a balcony so I could adopt a cat. I wasn’t planning on getting one right away, because it’s always a commitment. Well, that was until I saw Bean’s picture while browsing my local shelter’s website one night.”

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Franken further shared that it was Bean’s unusual appearance that made her fall in love almost instantly. She said the cat looked tough, almost like a “rough street gangster.” It was this look that inspired Franken to reach out to the shelter with an email, requesting to meet the little cat in person.

Photo: Instagram/bebbybeansprout

She was as detailed as possible in her email, hopeful that they would agree to let her meet Bean and potentially take her home. Franken was excited about this meeting, and quickly shared Bean’s picture around to everyone in her friend group. She was also a bit nervous about the meeting, but overall excited about seeing that cat who’d been described by the shelter as a “feisty little diva.”

The following day, Franken was called by a worker at the shelter who told her that if Bean was really the cat she wanted to adopt that she could apply to adopt her straight away. The woman explained that no one had shown any interest in Bean since she was rescued from a trailer park.

When she was found she had several health complications, including a horrible eye infection, struvite stones, and a beginning blockage. The woman explained that Bean was rescued just in the nick of time, as it was clear the cat had never before received any medical attention. She wasn’t even spayed or microchipped when she was found.

Photo: Instagram/bebbybeansprout

Perhaps the most heartbreaking thing that Franken learned that day, was that following Bean’s advertisement on the shelter’s website, she had not garnered any interest at all. In fact, Bored Panda reported that when the woman called her back following Franken’s email, she was worried that Franken might have sent the email by mistake as no one had ever wanted Bean. That revelation made Franken tear up at the thought of little Bean being completely unwanted and never having had the chance to experience a loving home. She knew right then that she needed to meet Bean, so she made an appointment for January 8 to go and meet the cat.

When the big day finally came, Franken got dressed up in a nice pair of pants and a blouse to go and meet Bean, citing that she knew she was overdressed for a trip to the shelter but she wanted to make a good impression on the staff. She soon found she had nothing to worry about, everyone she met was extremely friendly and kind. Franken was shown into the room where Bean was, and she immediately got overtaken by emotion. Bean was a small cat with a short tail and short legs, but to Franken, she was the cutest cat she’d ever seen.

Photo: Instagram/bebbybeansprout

Franken went on to explain that she stayed with Bean for several hours. During that time she texted a friend, wondering if the shelter might actually let her take the cat home on the first meeting. After she asked, they agreed to let her take Bean home that same day given how much they could tell she already loved the cat.

The shelter provided Franken with the basic essentials such as a litter box, toys, and a carrier. Luckily for Franken, this all meant that she wasn’t going to have to spend one more minute away from her new best friend.

Bored Panda reported that she said that Bean “rubbed her face against my legs and was so cuddly and loving when I was there. When I left to sign the contract she climbed up a chair to watch me from inside. Her sad eyes just made me cry again.”

Photo: Instagram/bebbybeansprout

Once Franken got Bean back to her home, the little cat took a several hours’ long nap on her sofa before she eventually woke up and began to explore her new surroundings. When it came to bedtime, however, she spent the night with Franken in her bed – and she has been there ever since. Franken explained that Bean turned out to be quite the little love bug, and the two are practically inseparable.

Thanks to Franken taking a chance on Bean, this little feline is now living her best life. It is a great example of why adoption is always the best option. You can follow Bean on his Instagram page.

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