I Woke Up Like This

Sleep is such a precious thing. We sometimes fall deep into it and when disturbed, crazy things happen. Like with this pooch.

This dog is obviously deep in slumber when his human approaches with a camera. The sounds of his human’s laughter is quite a way to wake up! But how could his human contain himself. The expression on his dog’s face is just too funny!

All I can hear when I watch this video is: “I woke up like this!” In my cute stepdaughter’s cute high pitched voice. And then I can’t stop laughing!

If you loved this video and want some more laughs, check out this! A human, who loves his dog soooo much, decides to dress up like her favorite toy. Her reaction is priceless! It’s like seeing a famous person for the first time (but better!) She loves her new “life size” toy so much, she won’t even share him with her sibling. Best. Reaction. EVER!!! Click here to see the cuteness unfold!

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