Owner Abused Dog and Bound His Mouth With A Wire Muzzle, Permanently Damaging His Face

Warning: Images may be upsetting to viewers. Discretion is advised.

Imagine seeing a dog suffering like this in person… Personally, I think I might have broken down and cried, unable to move. But thanks to a rescuer who was full of the brave stuff, this poor boy is on his way to recovery.

We can’t imagine what kind of monster would do this to a poor innocent creature, but we’re glad the opposite kind of human also exists, the kind that is willing to do whatever it takes to bring an animal back from a life of abuse and neglect.


This poor guy was found wandering the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, with significant injuries to his snout from a wire muzzle. His body was also covered in older injuries (even the top of his head from being attacked by other dogs). But thanks to an independent rescuer, this dog is finally safe and sound and getting treatment at a veterinary center in California.


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Helen Woodward Animal Center is caring for this brave boy during his recovery, and they gave him the perfect name: Dwayne, as in Dwayne The Rock… For his strength! What do you think of this title? We think it’s pretty fitting!


Stories like this one prove that heroes AND angels do walk among us. Please share Dwayne’s story, even though it’s a sad one, to spread the word on animal cruelty and encourage others to help end it! We will NEVER ever tolerate this type of cruelty toward our animal friends!

Check out the video below to see Dwayne’s recovery.

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