Shelter Worker Found Abandoned Cat In Snow Filled Carrier

Shelter employee, Donald Czyczyk, pulled into the driveway of Happy Tails Humane Society on a snowy and frigid day, when he spotted something pink in the snow. He stopped his car and went to investigate. He found a pink cat carrier filled with snow and thought nothing else was inside. However, he saw something move and realized there was a nearly frozen cat inside.

Some heartless person dumped the gray tabby cat in the carrier at the end of the shelter’s driveway after hours. The temperature was below freezing overnight and the carrier was full of snow. It is a miracle the cat survived.

Photos: Facebook/Happy Tails

The staff named her Winter. The friendly cat was so grateful to be out of the cold and showed her appreciation through cuddling. The staff is currently treating her for fleas and believe she is about a year old. Once her treatment is complete, she will be put up for adoption.

“This isn’t the thing to do right now, dumping an animal, when it’s below zero,” Razo told WGNTV.

Photo: Facebook/Happy Tails

People are outraged that someone could leave an innocent kitten out in the cold. Especially when the shelter would have taken her in during normal business hours. There is currently a $1000 reward to find the person responsible and prosecute them.

The shelter posted, “There is a $1,000.00 reward to the person that gives information leading to the arrest and prosecution of who ever dumped winter. Winter was Buried alive in Tuesday nights snow storm on McNeil road. You can donate here to support winter and the Happy Tails mission. Share this post so the person that dumped this cat knows we are looking for them and we sure hope to find them! We will not stand for animal abuse in Whiteside County.”

Screen Shots: Facebook/Happy Tails

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