Homeless Pets In Ukraine Still Need Our Help, Especially As Winter Approaches

Winter is quickly approaching and bringing well below freezing temperatures in Ukraine. The cold and snowy conditions pose a threat to the homeless dogs and cats wandering the streets with no safe, warm place to go.

The brave Ukrainians who stayed behind to care for the abandoned animals are doing all they can in the makeshift shelters in destroyed buildings, but they need our help.

Photo: Oro Whitley

Together, we have fed thousands of homeless pets in Ukraine and continue to send food and supplies with your support. Feed stations are installed in areas with high population of homeless pets and filled with food you helped purchase.

Photos: Greater Good Charities

The innocent dogs caught in the crossfire of war also deserve a comfortable place to get away from the cold.

Outdoor Dog Kennels

Greater Good Charities is stepping up to help by working with local organizations to provide outdoor dog kennels filled with straw as insulation to house homeless dogs. The wooden kennels are easy assembled and provide the warmth and comfort the dogs deserve.

Photo: Oro Whitley

But that’s not all.

Medications are also being sent to rescues and shelters in Ukraine to help care for all the dogs. Help us reach our goal of $150,000 to transform 75 shelters for the winter! Donate here.

Cat Rescue

United for Animals, a charity organization in Ukraine, has been helping distribute food and supplies to shelters since the war began. They shared with us how the pet food donations, thanks to your continued support, are helping the people who opened their hearts and homes to hundreds of homeless animals in Ukraine, like Olena Rotanchuk and her shelter “Lonely Hearts”.

Photo: United for Animals

The organization explained Olena’s situation, “Where does shelter begin? From the moment when it is impossible to pass by an abandoned, lost, starving or wounded animal. It’s the same as stepping over the most important thing in yourself – the ability to sympathize, the ability to feel someone else’s pain. The pain of a living being, someone who cannot ask for help himself, who silently waits and dies on the street without help.

“At first, Olena had four of them – and all of them with serious illnesses. At the time of the war, there were already more than 120. The war brought incalculable suffering to both people and animals, some left, abandoning their pets, and Olena’s shelter and her heart took more and more cats and dogs under their protection and care. Now the number of tails exceeds 420. Elena’s shelter is a hope for those who have nowhere else to go, and who often find it difficult to find a home, because most cats are elderly or those who have chronic diseases, which means they require special dedication, care and human warmth.”

Photo: United for Animals

The need for pet food and supplies is still great. Please consider donating to help feed the animals left behind in Ukraine. For just $25, you can provide over 500 nutritious meals that will be delivered straight to hungry pets impacted by this crisis.

Help Rescue Animals

Provide food and vital supplies to shelter pets at The Animal Rescue Site for free!