Winter Games to Play with Your Dog to Beat the Seasonal Blues

Cold temperatures, gray skies, and snow make most of us want to hibernate until spring. However, winter can be a fun time too. Does your dog love the snow?

It is important to keep your dog entertained, because a bored dog gets into trouble. I am sure we all can think of a time that we came home to a chewed up shoe. Avoid cabin fever and boredom by playing with your dog.

Need help coming up with ideas? Here are some activities to do with your dog wether you both love or hate the snow. So bundle up and let the fun begin!

For All the Snow Lovers

Remember when playing outside to keep your dog safe with these safety tips.


Snowball Fetch

Use light and fluffy snow, of course. Your dog will love trying to catch the snowball, just to have it burst all over his face. Who knew snow could be so much fun?!


Snow Tunnels

Dogs love to burrow. It is pure joy to watch your dog become a mole and make a tunnel in the snow. Even when I shovel a path for my dog, she prefers to jump in and make her own.


Scavenger Hunt

Play on your dog’s amazing sense of smell and hide treats in the snow in your backyard. Then let Fido out and laugh as he leaps and dives for all the treats.

Photo:Flickr/Fred McDonald
Photo:Flickr/Fred McDonald


Let your dog be the passenger on a sled. Hold him in your lap or let him ride alone. Sledding is great exercise for everyone.

For Snow Haters…Here are some inside activities

Photo:Flickr/Ron Bulovs
Photo:Flickr/Ron Bulovs

Hide and Seek

This fun game makes your dog use all his senses to find you. Some dogs may need encouragement to play, like treats. Hide and then call for your dog. When he finds you, reward him with a treat. Then hide again and continue the process. Your dog will catch on quick and it may turn into a game of chase.

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Chew Toys

Chewing bully sticks keeps your dog’s teeth and gums healthy while entertaining them. My dogs go crazy for their bully sticks. It keeps them busy for a good hour.


Make A Doggie Play Date

Invite your dog’s best bud over for some indoor play time. Let them wear each other out while you catch up on chores.

Photo:Flickr/Shelley Groomer
Photo:Flickr/Shelley Groomer

Help With Chores

Dogs love being with you, so teach them how to help with chores. An easy one is putting dirty laundry in the basket. Your dog may get excited and run off with a sock or two, but with time he will get it.


Now that you and Fido are exhausted from all the play time, grab a blanket and cuddle on the couch for a movie. Time flies when you are having fun! Spring will be here before you know it.

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