Dog Won’t Go Anywhere Without A Toy, Not Even To Do His Business!

This adorable 10-year-old Bulldog, named Winston, feels so much better about life when he’s holding onto one of his toys. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that!

According to his humans and The Dodo, Winston has been carrying around his favorite toys or stuffed animals ever since he was a puppy… EVERYWHERE he goes! Even when he has to, um, go! If you know what I mean!

Becky Smith, The Dodo
Becky Smith, The Dodo

And if Winston goes outside and accidentally forgets his toy, he immediately goes back in to grab one, once he realizes it.

Winston’s life is all about comfort and he associates comfort with his toys. And his humans are all about it! Seriously, who would argue about something that makes him happy?

Becky Smith, The Dodo
Becky Smith, The Dodo

His favorite toys are his bear and his duck. He feels lost without a toy in his mouth or near him while he sleeps. His parents buy him toys with long snouts or beaks on them because he uses them like a pacifier while sleeping. OH EM GEEEEEEE!

Winston also loves to ride around in his wagon. But he wouldn’t dare do so without the company of a toy… or two!

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