He Hobbled Up To A Group Of Rescuers On 2 Broken Legs, Begging For Help…

Wilson was approximately two years old when he was found living as a stray in a residential area. He was a friendly Maine coon mix and it was clear that he was someone’s pet at one point. No one knows why or how he ended up on the streets but he was found begging local residents for food and to be let indoors.

Then one day his luck changed when he stumbled upon one of the volunteers from the Heartland Humane Society of Missouri. Wilson hobbled up to her and it was very apparent that he was injured. She did not realize the extent of his injuries until she leaned down to pet him and discovered that both of his back legs were broken, one of which had the bone sticking out. He had dried blood all over his backend. He was skin and bones and in desperate need of a bath.

The volunteer scooped him up and ran him to the vet. Upon further testing and evaluation, it was determined that both of his back legs were severely broken. One of the legs had a compound fracture in which the tibia was sticking out of the skin. It had been that way for at least a week or longer and became infected. The other legs femur was completely shattered.

Heartland Humane Society of Missouri
Heartland Humane Society of Missouri

Wilson had to be hospitalized so he could be stabilized for surgery. He was immediately put on heavy-duty antibiotics, fluids and pain medication. A week later, he was healthy enough for surgery on the leg with the broken femur. Then after 4 weeks of recovering, he underwent surgery on his other leg. This surgery was more complex and required fusion of his ankle in addition to the repair of his tibia.

He spent several weeks on bed rest while he recovered. Wilson was the perfect patient and was always sweet and lovable towards anyone who cared for him.

Today, Wilson is living the good life. He was adopted by his foster mom and dad. He also has 5 feline siblings to play with. Now he enjoys his time snuggled on his parents bed, playing with toys and eating his favorite treat. Wilson will spend the rest of his life, comfy, spoiled, loved and safe indoors.

Heartland Humane Society of Missouri
Heartland Humane Society of Missouri

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