What Can One Dog Teach Us About Life And Happiness? More Than You’d Think!

Everyone loves a good book, especially during the winter months when many of us are stuck inside due to mountains of snow! Why turn up the heat when you can just warm your heart with a book like Wilma’s World? The book is a hilarious and uplifting chronicle of Wilma, a Jack Russell terrier whose hilarious antics are a great example of how we can look at life in a totally different and more exciting way. Take a look at a few of her poignant nuggets of wisdom!

Never judge a book by its cover, unless the cover is this adorable. Then it’s perfectly ok.

Dive in and prepare for some beautiful advice from Wilma!


Wilma is quick to prove that her advice is not to be ignored. Sure, doctors and nutritionists have been telling us about a “balanced breakfast” for years, but no one has demonstrated what that means quite like Wilma. Personally, I start my mornings with a balanced breakfast just like Wilma.  Just don’t try this trick with cereal.  It won’t go well.



Sadly, not many people clean up as well as Wilma, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Leaving the house feeling great about how you look will certainly give you a paw up for the day.

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