Wild Horse Kicks Man In The Groin After He Ignores The Do Not Touch Signs

Public signs are in place for a reason and rules should be followed when you are lucky enough to encounter wild animals in their natural environment. However, a tourist on Assateague Island, off the coast of Maryland, decided to disregard the do not touch signs and paid the price.

Assateague Island National Park is home to over 300 wild horses. They freely roam the island and attract tourists from around the world. They are magnificent animals and although they may appear to be docile, they are wild. For the protection of the horses and people, signs are posted all over the island stating, “Horses bite, kick & charge. Keep at least 10 feet away. No feeding, touching, attracting. $100 minimum fine strictly enforced”.

Photo: National Park Service

The campgrounds have reminders painted on the picnic tables stating, “Do Not Feed Horses”. “Stay at least 40 feet (12 meters) or about one bus-length away from wild horses, which are all the horses you’ll encounter in our park,” states Assateague Island National Park’s website.

Photos: National Park Service

These are not suggestions but rules to follow. A speedo-wearing tourists was soaking up the sun on the island when he noticed a wild horse passing through. Others stood a safe distance away and observed the beautiful brown stallion, but he thought he would walk over and touch him.

Screen Shots: YouTube/ViralHog

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A bystander was recording the wild horse and what happened when the man reached out to touch him. The horse raised his hind leg and kicked the man in the groin. The man immediately fell into the sand in pain and learned a lesson the hard way.

Screen Shots: YouTube/ViralHog

A man walking by saw the incident and cringed in pain for the man as the horse’s hoof made contact. People commend the horse for reinforcing the signs. One person wrote, “He deserved it, he decided to ignore all the warnings given by others (as well as the horse himself), maybe next time he’ll think twice before petting a wild horse.”

Another simply wrote, “💥POW💥”.

The unnamed man was assisted by other beach-goers. Hopefully, this will remind people to keep their distance.

Watch the man learn a painful lesson in the video below.

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