Outer Banks Wild Horses Welcome 6th Foal of The Season

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is home to roughly 100 wild horses known as “Bankers”. The Spanish mustangs have been roaming freely on the sandy shores for centuries and have adapted to many changes. As more people enter the area to live and vacation, the goal is to keep the majestic horses wild and free.

Locals and visitors are thrilled to see the horses cooling off on the beach or grazing among the dunes, but it is vital that everyone keeps their distance.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF), who works to protect and conserve the wild horses and the land they live on, recently shared some exciting news that the herd has grown.

“Welcome foal #6! This colt is about 24 hours old, and both he and his dam are in excellent shape. She is a very experienced and attentive mother,” wrote CHWF.

They named him Drifter and shared a photo of the handsome fella and his proud mama.

They went on to share, “This mare was the mother of Ceres, the filly we lost to pythium last fall, so Drifter is quite special.” His father is believed to be a stallion named Scar.

Drifter was born during the busiest time of year on the Outer Banks, so visitors are reminded to keep their distance. “Please give the horses plenty of space! Do not crowd them if you’re lucky enough to see them on the beach like this. It’s hot and buggy, and added stress can cause physical problems and also negatively impact mare/foal bonding.”

Feeding, touching, or coming within 50 feet of a wild horse is against the law. This is for your safety as well as theirs. People are urged to report anyone violating the rules by calling the sheriff’s department at 252-453-3633.

Drifter’s life has just begun, and fans cannot wait to watch him grow up. All the foals this year have names that begin with the letter “D”: Drake, Dove, Donner, Doe, Drum, and Drifter. Be sure to follow CWHF on Facebook for more updates and photos of the beautiful herd.

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