Feline Behaviorist Reveals Why Cats Look Judgmental

Have you ever been judged by a cat? It’s a common occurrence for those with felines in their lives. After all, cats just seem to have this smug, judgemental look about them, especially when we do something they “disapprove” of.

It’s something a lot of cat parents relate to, and many share about their “judgemental cats” on social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok!

“Feeling judged. Started singing out loud and glanced over to see my cat, Snuggles, staring at me with lots of judgement. Cats,” Reddit user u/lscraig shared.

Meanwhile, thousands of people take to TikTok to share the way their cats are judging them.

Just check out the hashtag #judgmentalcat on TikTok to find over 300,000 examples of cats being judgemental.

@as_lil_would_have_it #judgement #catjudgingme #FrunktheBeat #lilith #tuxedocat #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – 🐾Shelby’s Mama🐾

Of course, thousands of people also post on Instagram about their #judgementalcat. Just check out some of the photos below:

While it may be easy to assume that cats are truly judging us based on their facial expressions and attitudes, experts disagree with that notion entirely!

According to the New York Post, cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger explained, “Cats are not judgmental … there might be other things causing that expression. Perhaps the cat is feeling cornered, or there’s another cat nearby, or maybe there’s a slight pain, or another animal [around]. People judge, that’s a human characteristic. Not a feline characteristic.”

Photo: flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

It can be fun and cute to assume our cats are judgemental, but the reality is that judgment is something we’re placing on them as humans. It’s a way for us to relate to them in our heads, but it’s not something that comes naturally to cats. They can’t help the way their faces look!

So, there you have it. If you’re ever wondering or worried about your cat’s judgment, you can rest easy knowing they don’t care what you’re doing – so long as you’re providing them with plenty of love and treats!

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