Why Are Spiders Seen More Frequently In The Fall?

We are still dealing with some of the warmer temperatures of summer but it is starting to cool off. It won’t be long before autumn will be upon us and will have cooler weather, the changing colors of the leaves, and spiders. Of course, spiders are here all year round but it seems as if we bump into them more frequently when autumn arrives. This may make you wonder why it happens or what you can do about it.

This springtime is when most spiders hatch so they are growing all summer long. It is more likely that we will notice an adult spider than a baby spider, so they are more noticeable by the time autumn rolls around.

In addition, the autumn time is mating time for spiders. We typically see females in their webs and the males wandering from one area to another. During the autumn, most spiders come out to mate and lay eggs before winter happens. I don’t mean to cause any alarm, but the spiders you see in the autumn were actually in your home all along. We just tend to see them more frequently when they come out to mate and then they will disappear into the cracks and crevices again.

Outdoor spiders also tend to come indoors when the weather gets colder. They will be looking for food, warmth, and shelter.

Now we know why we see more spiders in the fall. What can we do to prevent it from happening?

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1. When you see a web, remove it. This will cause the spider to go hide again.

2. Remove any spiders you see in your home.

3. Keep entry points to the home sealed so spiders and other insects stay out. Pay particular attention to doors, windows, and areas around pipes.

4. Avoid having crumbs and unsealed food out in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home. It may not attract spiders directly, but it will attract other bugs and that attracts spiders.

5. Try to avoid keeping exterior lights on often. It will draw insects and spiders.

6. Spiders love areas that are dark and damp so try to keep your basement dry.

7. If you have a problem with spiders, call a professional pest control company.

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