Shelter Worker Moves Into Dog’s Kennel To Raise Awareness

I would do pretty much anything to raise awareness for homeless pets looking for forever homes. Well, Whitney Steele, a volunteer with Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, is taking it a step further than most of us could ever imagine! She has decided to move in, full-time, with Lana, a sweet and loving four year old Bull Mastiff mix. No, seriously, she has moved into Lana’s kennel! Laptop and all. Whitney is even sleeping on a dog bed! At least she has good company.

Lana had a loving forever home for three years and is now back in the shelter (it is unclear why). She’s having a hard time adjusting so Miss Steele did her a solid and moved right in. Hmmm, I wonder if she makes a good roommate… Whitney is taking a stand for all animals living in shelters, bringing awareness to their daily struggles.

I applaud her efforts and hope her message helps Lana and others like Lana, find a PERMANENT forever home, filled with lots and lots of love.

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