Adorable Hamster Eats Heart-Shaped Cucumber Slice

One of the greatest parts of having a tiny pet like a gerbil, hamster, rat, or guinea pig (I had a gerbil growing up, personally) is building and watching the tiny world that they live in.

Whether it’s flipping a cereal bowl upside down to make them a little shelter, or carrying them in the palm of your hand, it’s a joy to see the world from their tiny perspective.

That’s why more than 70,000 people follow Mashiro the hamster on social media! The love and attention he gets from his owner and his photogenic expressions make for an uplifting look into a world where all you need to be happy is a slice of cucumber and the time to enjoy it.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mashiro loves his veggies, from broccoli and spinach to his favorite, cucumber.

One day, he got an extra special slice in a recognizable shape: “When I cut the cucumber, it was heart-shaped,” wrote his owner Paru on Instagram.

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For Mashiro, it might as well have been a slice of heaven as he dug into the crunchy veggie.

The hamster, whose name means “pure white” in English, can be found enjoying his delicious (and nutritious) meals on Instagram and Twitter, flashing his winning smile at the camera as he chows down.

While heart-shaped cucumbers can occur naturally, there are ways to grow them or shape them yourself, either by using plastic molds or even something as simple as securing a chopstick onto a baby cucumber with a rubber band to form the versatile veggie into hearts, stars, or other shapes!

For Mashiro, though, the only thing that counts is the crunch, the taste, and the simple pleasure of it all.

See more of Mashiro in action on Instagram and Twitter!

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