This Adorable White Baby Baboon Is A Rare Gem Full Of Cuteness

This adorable white baby baboon has something called leucism. It’s not the same as albinism, in that it doesn’t affect the health of an animal. This baby was spotted by a travel photographer named Su Elliot while filming at the Marula Lodge National Park in Zambia.

A baby baboon this cute is about to gain celebrity status! But it is possible as he ages, he will darken, so he better enjoy all the attention now. Unfortunately, his color does attract predators so mom will have to keep a close eye on this wee one. I’m sure she doesn’t mind though one bit. Just look at him!!!

Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV
Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Baboon facts:

  • There are five species of baboons
  • Baboons live in Africa and Arabia
  • They will eat anything that is available, making them opportunistic feeders (and farmers are not a fan!)
  • They live in groups called “Troops” with approximately 7 males, twice as many females and their offspring
  • Baboons use 30 different sounds to communicate
  • Grooming is how they socialize and bond
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