Dogs Immediately Stop What They’re Doing When Their Owner Whispers The “P” Word

Dogs have incredible hearing. They can hear us calling from several rooms away. They also have a great sense of vocabulary too.

How many times have we said words like “walk” or “treat” only to have them flip their minds and get all excited?

Growing up, my dog Bonita had a soft spot for food. She was definitely a foodie and there were several food-related words such as “salami,” “steak,” “barbecue,” “bacon,” and “blueberry pancakes” that my mother would always have to spell out or else Bonita would go into doggie hysterics thinking she was going to be getting a tiny nibble of something. We couldn’t even really whisper the words because she would still hear.

Photo: Max Pixel

That’s the funny thing about dogs. Even if you whisper certain words that they recognize you’ll still get a reaction out of them. Because of this, you’ve probably seen some of the videos online that show people taking part in a challenge while recording their pooches’ reactions.

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The challenge is simple. Basically, just whisper your dog’s favorite word and then record while you wait to see what they do!

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

One dog mom captured a video of her two precious pups. The word that she used? Park.

In the video, her dogs are busy playing on the floor with one another. They don’t pay any attention to her approaching them from the other side of the sofa. However, once she whispers the word, they immediately pause.

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

They don’t look up for a second or two, almost as if they’re processing if they heard her correctly or not. But then they both look up in unison, both canines giving her a very intense “you better not be messing with us” look as if to say they’re ready to go to the park!

Watch the adorable video below:

What do you think of this cuteness? Have you ever tried the “whisper challenge” on your dog? What’s their favorite word? Let us know!

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