What A Difference A Photo Can Make

Each year, more than 8 million dogs are left scared, helpless, and homeless in animal shelters across the country. Unfortunately, many of them come disoriented and forlorn, making it difficult to take a stunning photo that truly captures their personality.  One Picture Saves A Life provides “shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets” so animals can look their best as they strike a pose in front of the camera to dazzle their future families.

Take a look at the amazing transformations of these adopted dogs taken by Photographer Seth Casteel of Lifestyle Pet Photography and learn the top five reasons why you should adopt a dog courtesy of The Humane Society!






Reason 1: You’ll Save A Life

The number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. By adopting from a private humane society or animal shelter, breed rescue group, or the local animal control agency, you’ll help save the lives of two animals—the pet you adopt and a homeless animal somewhere who can be rescued because of space you helped free up.

Help Rescue Animals

Provide food and vital supplies to shelter pets at The Animal Rescue Site for free!