Whale Caught In Lobster Trap Struggles To Move, Fisherman Dives In To Help

Five friends set out for a fishing trip off the coast of Point Loma, California. Just as the sun was going down, they spent an hour and a half trying to reel in a 180-pound blue fin tuna, and were successful.

They were thrilled with their incredible catch, but little did they know, this would definitely not be the highlight of their trip.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The next morning when they were out on their boat again, one of the guys named Matt Capron, spotted a whale in the distance. As they got closer, they realized that the young whale was in really bad shape.

It turns out that he was caught in a lobster trap and was unable to move. The trap’s rope was attached to the whale’s body right before the fluke, and was wrapped around him six or seven times.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Without hesitation, Capron jumped into the water to help him.

Diving under the water to work as fast as he could, he used his filet knife to cut the rope away.

He came back up for air, then dove again to continue cutting the rope until he finally freed the whale.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The whale swam off, but then came back to them a few minutes later, as if he were saying ‘thank you’ to them for saving his life.

Not only was saving the whale the highlight of their fishing trip, but Capron says it was probably a highlight of his life.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below:

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