Fisherman Watches As Humpback Whale Swim Under Boats And Breaches Feet From The Dock

Cy Williams is a fisherman and boat captain in SE Alaksa. He loves to head out onto the water for a bit of fishing in solitude, or guide tours of fishing with groups of people. But one day when visiting the boat dock, he was in for quite a surprise.

Swimming directly below the docked boats and only feet from where he stood was a giant humpback whale. Now, this wasn’t Cy’s first time seeing a humpback whale. He’s a sea captain in Alaska, after all. But this particular moment was a once-in-a-lifetime view, and he caught it all on video.

As he watched, he saw the beast lurking beneath the stationary vessels. It wouldn’t take long before he came right up to Cy.

Cy followed the bubbles being released in the water, a sign of the whale feeding. But what happened next was even more shocking. The whale breached the water just feet from where he stood on the doc! He got to watch as the whale’s gaping jaws shot up into the air. Of course, the humpback was also sure to take a big gulp on the way down.

There are few people who get to experience a humpback whale so close and personal. It can be dangerous to be close to a feeding humpback whale, but most people aren’t on the safety of a dock and so close to the whale at the same time!bThe experience that he got to have was something else entirely. We are a little bit jealous, but at least he was able to capture the experience for the rest of us so that we can live vicariously through him.

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Watch the incredible moment on his Facebook video:

This never gets old

Posted by Cy Williams on Monday, May 2, 2016

When people tell him “proof or it didn’t happen”, he’ll be able to pull that out! Videos like this one are making us wonder if we are missing out by not heading out onto the waters like all of our fisherman buddies. Who knows, maybe we could have our own Free Willy moment?

In the meantime, we will just have to settle for watching this video a few dozen times.

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