Hilarious Photos Show What It Is Really Like To Work From Home With Pets

People across the country are transitioning from working in an office to working at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from their work environment changing, many are also getting new four-legged co-workers. While the new colleagues can be a bit distracting, they make up for it with their stress-reducing abilities.

Most dogs and cats are used to having the home to themselves for at least eight hours a day, but many are thrilled to have their humans home 24/7 – well, at least the dogs are. Dogs are there to lend a helping paw or to remind us it is time for a break. Cats on the other hand, think the warm laptop or keyboard are great places to nap and the bright screen is for their entertainment.


People are sharing photos of how their pets are reacting to them working from home, and they are hilarious. All of us can relate to at least one if not more of the following scenarios – all shared by our followers. Scroll down to view them all and don’t forget to share with your friends.

“Millie doesn’t like it when my laptop is actually in my lap. That’s her spot!”

Photo: Facebook/Teresa R Kolvik

“Caramel carefully taking notes and ensuring all the guidelines are followed!”

Photo: Facebook/Jamie Riley

“Work from home day 1: My supervisor is already barking orders at me, but I adapted. Pacified by pats, snuggles and treats. I may have witnessed him harass a squirrel…will hold off on contacting HR until I know the context of the exchange. 10/10 star day.”

Photo: Facebook/Angelique R Leong

“This is my new Executive Assistant…he demands payment in nummies.”

Photo: Facebook/Jenn Overkamp

“Tara is not a fan of me being home on a “non scheduled” day. Feel like I am cramping her nap time.”

Photo: Facebook/Jody Burpee

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“Helping me record my online lessons.”

Photo: Facebook/Kristine Lemasters

“Ella on the clock with mama!”

Photo: Facebook/Melissa Bock

“Bear wanted to make sure I was entering it correctly.”

Photo: Facebook/Melissa Blades Albert


Photo: Facebook/Maureen Elizabeth

“This looks like a great place to nap…”

Photo: Facebook/Sonja Pettengill

“Tula hard at work postponing appointments 😂”.

Photo: Facebook/Perla Rosas

“While TRYING to work from home…”

Photo: Facebook/Karen Reppert Bunjo

“Ashlee reminding me it’s time for a lunch break.”

Photo: Facebook/Cindy Martinez

“Standing guard outside my office door. She had to take a nap. But my Emily is a veteran. We’ve been working from home for over ten years. No offense to all my previous coworkers but she’s my favorite coworker I’ve ever had. Not a huge help on the phone or computer but excellent for my stress level and she always agrees with me 😊.”

Photo: Facebook/Crystal West

“Apple was bored with the conference call…”

Photo: Facebook/Heather Hughes

“This is Mia who is interested in finding out more about distance learning.”

Photo: Facebook/Debbie Cassetta

“Finley wants to know and just when is nap time?”

Photo: Facebook/Heidi Fulcher

“I’ve got this.”

Photo: Mackenzie Myers
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