After Being Arrested For Trying To Protect Her Dog, This Woman Was Found Innocent!

There is next to nothing pet parents wouldn't do to save their furry children. We have seen people diving into icy lakes and burning buildings to save their dog or cat. People have run out into traffic to save an innocent life. Saving animals that can't save themselves is simply the right thing to do. However, few people will ever have the experience of Tiffanie Hupp.

Hupp was forced to stare down the barrel of West Virginia State Trooper Seth Cook's gun in order to prevent her dog Buddy from being shot. Cook had responded to a disturbance call, which in no way involved Buddy or any other animal, and when Buddy approached him smiling and tail wagging, Cook drew his gun. Buddy was also attached to his lead and was unable to come within more than a few feet of Cook. When Cook drew his weapon, Hupp didn't hesitate to get between her dog and the officer, and begged Cook not to shoot her dog.

According to the officer, West Virginia troopers are trained to kill any dog that approaches them, regardless of their behavior. The video shows Cook's casual attitude towards shooting an innocent dog that couldn't even fully approach him. Hupp was arrested on obstruction of justice charges and all of her families electronics were seized during the arrest, including her husbands phone, which he used to film the below video.

The recording ended up being all Hupp needed to be acquitted on all charges. Cook testified on his own behalf, claiming Hupp was carrying a crossbow and had raised her hands in a threatening manner, but both claims were proven false by the video. Hupp's arrest and trial are proof that law enforcement in West Virginia needs to look at its policy regarding their treatment of animals.

The video Ryan Hupp took is shaky for a moment, but you can see the utter love and dedication of Buddy's parents. Thankfully justice was done, and Hupp's family is back together.

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