You Will Fall In Love With This Two-Faced Cat

If you have any doubts in your mind as to how much people love the cats in their lives, they will quickly disappear when you look at the statistics.

Ever since the Internet was conceived, people have been looking at cat pictures. They will even go out of their way to view them, and they might spend hours jumping from one image to another.

Along the way, they may find a feline that really captures their attention, and I think that this cat from Northern Thailand is in the running for one of the most interesting.

Although he is a beautiful cat, being a mix between a Scottish and Persian, it seems as if the humans in his life didn’t have too much creativity. They simply named him “Cat” and left it at that.

Like any feline, Cat likely has an interesting personality but it is his looks that make him stand out.

Photo: Unsplash/Ben Wicks

He’s a chimera, which sometimes occurs when animals are the combination of two fertilized eggs that fused together in the womb. In other words, they are split in half down the middle.

This is an issue that occurs more often than most people think. Some cats will show the traits and others may hide them.

As far as this feline is concerned, however, it shows up on his face and it is easy to see. It’s a face you will love from the moment you see it.

Check out some of his photos below:

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